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Assessing and managing cloud security risks

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Assessing and managing cloud security risks MICROSOFT 365 AND AZURE Cloud Security Your company needs a common cloud security language Transitioning to the cloud for cost and efficiency benefits requires a new way of thinking about security and compliance. • Parity is needed between on-premises solutions and new cloud solutions. But achieving risk and compliance parity in an environment of higher threat vectors and evolving cloud solutions requires expertise that many in-house teams may lack. • Regulations are multiplying across the corporate landscape with increasingly stringent privacy laws set to impact virtually every business enterprise. This can create friction between IT departments focused on architecting, deploying and running modern solutions, and risk departments centered on implementing the most robust and hardened security controls. What's needed is a common security framework that enables IT, security, risk, and finance to all speak the same language with respect to security controls, policies, and regulatory compliance. Microsoft E3 or E5: Which way do you go? Microsoft Office 365/EM+S E3 and Office 365/EM+S E5 have robust security controls built-in. But the default settings open you up to many high risk vulnerabilities. With proper configuration, hardened E3 may cut those risks in half. A hardened E5 configuration may be able to eliminate the risks. By mapping risk areas to your organization, Edgile can determine if a hardened E3 deployment is sufficient, or if an E5 upgrade would provide you with the best return on investment. Default E3 34 High Risks Hardened E3 15 High Risks Hardened E5 0 High Risks "We were surprised when we saw how many vulnerabilities we had with our default O365 implementation. Edgile closed every one of them with a secure configuration that allowed all of our depart- ments to understand cross benefits and operate at peak efficiency." – Chief Security Officer, Major International Bank

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