MEIS Transforming Security from Risk to Opportunity

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Top Down Business Alignment Maturity Strategy Risk Issues Regulatory Market Trend Processes Technology IAM Roadmap and Program Future Vision IAM Program Operations Plan and Handoff Value Stream and Metrics Project Waves and Phases Dev Automation Ongoing Governance Cloud Hybrid Managed Service On - Premise Strategy Program Deployment Operate Help Desk Risk and Reporting Metrics Service Delivery Advance Clients to Full Adoption with Solutions How "Strategy First" Works Bottom Up Risk and Maturity Analysis Transforming Security from Risk to Opportunity Select Healthcare Clients Creates an actionable and fundable justification plan for enterprise adoption in just weeks. "Strategy First" Adoption Accelerator Microsoft 365 "Turn - Key Security Configuration" Perform Modern Workplace transformation in a single project taking months not years. Perfect add in to EA renewal. Assessing and Managing Cloud Security Edgile's Office 365 Configuration Guides identify a comprehensive set of control requirements with inherent and residual risk ratings for Office 365/EM+S E3 and E5. B2B/B2C Accelerator Transform consumer and partner identity management from a burden and risk to an opportunity for competitive take - out and LOB app migration to Azure. More at . SailPoint on Azure Edgile experience in SailPoint on Azure enables interop between the two systems for end - to - end IGA and delivers Azure consumption revenue. 1 2 3 4 5 STRATEGY Microsoft E3 or E5: Which way do you go?

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