MEIS Transforming Security from Risk to Opportunity

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Marvin Tansley Partner (425) 698 - 0005 Transforming Security from Risk to Opportunity Who we are Security & Threat Protection Risk Management Identity & Access Management Information Protection Business to Administrators Business to Employees Business to Business Business to Customer O365 3rd SaaS Apps AAD ENT APPS Azure IAAS PAAS ENT APPS Holistic Approach to Risk and Security § Experts in digital transformation for the modern workplace § Deep security compliance and control experience § Led by ex Big Four partners with senior talent across US - markets § Fortune 500 client portfolio Aligning risk, experience, and cost to match business need Bob Moore Managing Director (603) 860 - 9500 Don Elledge Chief Executive Officer (408) 340 - 8750 Lawrence Wolf Managing Partner (214) 923 - 2020 Dean Fantham Chief Technical Officer (650) 787 - 1124 Zachary Limacher Managing Director (415) 935 - 1309 zachary Join us in the Health Breakout Session IT Business Impact, Security and Risk Governance Speaking: Marvin Tansley Wednesday, March 27 at 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the MCC – St. Helens Room

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