Rapidly Securing the Extended Enterprise

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Managing Risks of a Fast Expanding Remote Workforce Large and complex organizations have been transitioning from an overwhelmingly on-site, office-based workplace to a more remote, extended enterprise. A rapidly expanding remote workforce creates new security and compliance risks. Edgile has been a leader in helping clients secure the workforce using Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Azure platform. With an expanding threat landscape, we have developed four rapid response solutions designed to make it easier for Microsoft-enabled companies to enable secure configurations and enhance compliance on their journey to becoming true digital enterprises. C O V I D - 1 9 R a p i d R e s p o n se C u s t o m e r S ec u r i t y T o o l k i t Rapidly Securing the Extended Enterprise for Microsoft-Enabled Organizations SECURE THE WORKFORCE Co-Sell Prioritized Teams for Secure Collaboration Enable MFA for Remote Workers Secure Remote Worker Enablement Security Assessment

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