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Don Elledge, CEO How The Cloud Might Actually Shrink Your Exposure To Cyber Risk In conversations with my cybersecurity colleagues, a question that often comes up is, "Do we have defensible perimeters?" In "The New Perimeter is Us," fellow Forbes Technology Council member Juliette Rizkallah challenges the traditional view of a perimeter because today's users — with access to multiple devices and digital services — have transcended that perimeter. While this is true, it does not fully define the cybersecurity problem facing the modern enterprise. First, the old perimeter is still in place, as many businesses continue to see the so-called private network perimeter as their primary battle line. In addition, businesses are increasingly relying on data that is transient and flows easily across boundaries. Adequately protecting the enterprise has become a very costly affair, leading many organizations to make serious compromises. So what should the enterprise do? While it might seem counterintuitive, the emergence of public -- not private -- networks might provide businesses with the solution they need in the new digital age. In other words, the cloud could help shrink, not expand, the enterprise's perimeter. How We All Got Here Before we look at how the cloud might do this, it's helpful to understand how the enterprise got to this point. The reality is that the private network was not designed to operate in the age of digital. The importance of digital interactions outside our traditional corporate boundaries has forced our network perimeter to become highly extended and perforated, while the overall surface area we are protecting has increasingly spilled over this traditional boundary as organizations try to manipulate the private network into supporting the digital enterprise.

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