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Managing GRC in a time of ever-changing requirements Accelerating business growth while balancing risk and opportunity isn't easy. With industry requirements constantly changing, companies must continuously evaluate enterprise-wide risk while ensuring compliance with established governance requirements. At today's pace, it's essential to advance beyond manual management processes. While RSA Archer provides the leading automated solution for comprehensive GRC management, an organization requires both process re-engineering and technical configuration to effectively calibrate the right adoption. Optimized IRM with Edgile Edgile delivers customized RSA Archer programs for highly efficient and effective integrated risk and compliance management. As a leader in the GRC space, we leverage deep expertise and years of experience to support our clients in transitioning core business processes and content into customized IRM solutions. Beyond setup and implementation, we're experts at running enterprise-wide Archer programs while keeping them synced with the evolving threat and regulatory landscapes. From strategy to operations, our RSA Archer product-centric knowledge comes with deep lessons-learned, allowing us to provide an invaluable perspective on Archer-centric engagements. Business Alignment Understanding the business value (criticality, sensitivity) and enabling top-down drill-down/bottom-up roll-up of risk and compliance to facilitate audience specific dashboards and reports. Risk Integration Risk and compliance concepts are integrated, informing and reinforcing one another to enable better reporting with less overhead and overlap. Current Content Harmonization of laws and regulations in an optimized model enables "right sizing" of controls, facilitating an "assess once, satisfy many" strategy. The Edgile approach to IRM Transform manually siloed processes into a single effort Edgile unifies your organization's objectives to create efficiencies that benefit the bottom line. For example, an optimized IRM program can help a single team save front line operations over 20,000 hours—just by providing the overall visibility that reveals where 160 hours of work will solve the issue instead. EDGILE MANAGED SERVICES Government, Risk, Compliance Edgile's Archer Managed Services & Consulting Strategize Smarter, Build Faster, Run Better

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