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Better Together: Identity Governance for Healthcare

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Solution Brief | Better Together: Identity Governance for Healthcare | 2 SAILPOINT | EDGILE consulting is a powerful way for healthcare organizations to empower users while also protecting their digital assets. The integration of SailPoint and Azure AD deliver powerful functionality and creates a framework for productivity, agility, and security by: • Providing governance-based access to all on-premises and cloud applications • Enabling risk-based identity protection for applications • Accelerating the ability to empower users with single sign-on and self-service functionality • Ensuring security requirements are met via identity governance • Creating a business-aligned strategy and roadmap for an overall IAM program supported by expert implementation services The New Identity-Centric Workflow Clinicians, operational staff, and other healthcare workers require quick and convenient access to the right applications so they can effectively support the delivery of patient care. However, given the complexity of modern applications, access automation has become critical for ensuring uninterrupted productivity and eliminating user frustration. The combination of SailPoint and Microsoft Azure AD accelerates productivity for end users and asset owners. Automation is applied throughout the user lifecycle, thus minimizing manual intervention to grant access throughout a person's employment. The combination of Azure AD and SailPoint ensures that new employees have easy access to the resources and applications they need – even before they start work on their first day. As their role within the business changes, their access changes along with them. When they leave the organization, their access is securely disabled. Each change not only affects accounts and entitlements within the organization, but it also synchronizes with the user's application view, ensuring that users can easily see what applications are currently available to them. For exceptional cases not covered by automated processes, employees can use self-service to make application access requests for specialized or temporary access to resources. These requests are routed through the appropriate approval workflows and the entitlements on the applicable systems are provisioned, ensuring compliance with security policy. Automated certification of access verifies that users have only the access they need, when they need it. This eliminates extraneous access, assists in proving compliance and enhances the overall security position of the healthcare organization.

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