PODCAST 2: An Insider’s Look at Security and Compliance

Strategic thinking from the Gartner IAM Summit and beyond

The transition to digital is accelerating. And it’s causing the dynamics of Identity and Access Management to change rapidly.

In this podcast hosted by Evan Schuman, Edgile Managing Partner Lawrence Wolf talks about the shifts in thinking necessary for an organization’s leaders to reboot their IAM program.

Strategy-first approach

In the past, IAM was focused around IT infrastructure and technology products. Today, the focus is on a holistic vision around people, process, data and technology. “In this environment, you need to start with a strategy,” says Wolf. “I like to say you set your compass before you get in the boat so you know where you’re going within a multi-year program.”

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From the Gartner Summit
Through 2019, organizations without formal IAM programs will experience 50% more IAM project failures than organizations with such programs.

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About Larry Wolf

Larry Wolf has more than 30 years of industry experience including software development and consulting management. For the past 15 years, Larry has focused on identity and access management (IAM), governance and security. Prior to joining Edgile, he held partner and vice president roles at Capgemini, Ernst & Young, Fishnet/Optiv, Sun Microsystems and EMC. Larry has a degree in Business and Information Technology from the University of Cincinnati and is PMP certified.

About Evan Schuman

Evan Schuman has tracked security and compliance for enterprise IT audiences since the late 1980s, having served as a columnist for Computerworld, eWEEK and CBSNews.com. He has also run editorial operations for IT media outlets tracking payments, retail and general technology issues. Evan lectures on security and compliance topics at Columbia University and New York University graduate schools and moderates webcasts for MIT Sloan Management and VentureBeat.

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